Holiday Gift Kit

Holiday Gift Kit

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This gift set is designed for those you love! Choose from one of our holiday themed handmade artisan soaps and a lip balm to keep your skin luxurious all winter long. 

This is the gift of choice for corporate events, parties, weddings, and other group events. While we can add any lip balm or custom soap to this package, we do ask that you allow extra time for packaging and label development. 

Ask us how you can have your own speciality label created for your event, store or special occasion!


  • Artisan Soap: These soaps were selected because they are filled with holiday cheer and natural oils and butters that the whole family will love. Soaps may vary from photos displayed. 
  • Holiday Box: This small decorative box helps us be a little more eco-friendly and is the ideal stocking stuffer for Christmas morning. It also makes a handy place to dry soap between use, making for a longer lasting bar and keeping everyone's favorite fragrance available for the holidays.  

Kokum Balm: 

  • Kokum Balm: Featuring pure kokum butter, this balm is ideal for protecting lips in winter. We'll choose a flavor or you can request your favorite. 

Order now as we have limited availability. Call or email for additional options. Box decor may vary slightly from photos. If you would like to customize your box with a scent or style different below, just respond to your order email with your request within 24 hours of placing order.