Gift Set for Those who Love Dogs

Gift Set for Those who Love Dogs

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Do you have a friend or family member who loves dogs, cats, or horses? We've got the perfect gift for them! Check out our speciality kits for fun features a bar of our soap for humans, with a fun label all about the fun of pets. 

Dog Kit: Features a bar of our fabulous, exfoliating oatmeal-honey soap for humans (or choose our energetic Calendula bar for those who prefer to move at a quick pace), along with Dog Paw Balm (designed to protect dog paws in winter) and Puppy Balm (especially for humans to help treat the occasional scratch or bite that comes with loving a dog), as well as a fun bone-shaped soap that's safe to use on animals or people. 


  • Soap for humans:  Choose from Calendula or Oatmeal Honey. 
  • Label that all dog lovers can relate to: "Smells like expensive vet bills and speciality diets blended with fierce loyalty, unwavering devotion and unconditional love." 
  • Dog Paw Balm: Perfect for protecting paws in snowy weather and easy to apply with this simple design. 
  • Puppy Balm: Treat the occasional scratch that comes with dog ownership by applying this protective balm. 
  • Bone Soap: This bone-shaped soap will keep all animal lovers grinning!
  • Tin Box: This decorative tin box helps ensure dogs stay out of the humans stuff. 

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