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Bubble Bath Bars

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We're so pleased to expand our offerings to include bubble bars! These bars are safer ways for you to get the bubbles you love in a bath. Whisk up clouds of bubbles with these packaging-free, eco-friendly and self-preserving bubble bars.

These Island Escape Bubble bars will turn your water a beautiful blue color, which makes it look and feel like a summer escape to the crisp, cool waters of the Caribbean. 

Directions: Use included organza bag to hang bar under water faucet as tub fills. You can also crumble into water as tub fills. Dry between uses for multiple bubble fun! 


almond oil | sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) | citric acid | cream of tartar | corn starch | lodium lauryl lulfoacetate (slsa) | polysorbate 80 | vegetable glycerin | premium mica colorant | blue 1 | premium fragrance