All About Kokum Butter

We’re proud to work with many types of speciality butters - but we have two favorites: Kokum and Shea.

Now, that’s not to say we don’t use other types of butters on occasion. There are times when avocado butter or cocoa butter; and occasionally mango butter or avocado butter might be a better fit for the soap or the recipe we’re working with that day.

But, our most favorite butter to make lotions, balms and artisan soaps from is Kokum Butter. Here's why: 

Kokum Butter (Garcinia indica)

Key Benefits
  • Stable, vegetarian butter
  • Non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores)
  • Natural humectant that attracts moisture
  • High emollient qualities (supports flexibility and regeneration of skin wall)
  • Renewable resource that’s environmentally friendly
  • Okay, it's expensive (but so worth the extra cost!)

Kokum butter is, quite frankly, a superior butter. This naturally white butter (making our soaps much whiter without added micas or coloring) is derived from the fruit kernels of the Garcinia indica tree, a tropical plant that is native to the central east region of India.

Kokum Butter (photo courtesy of Brambleberry)

This butter is naturally high in fatty acids and antioxidants, particularly vitamin E, which makes it one of the most stable vegetable butters (and helps give our Kokum products a very long shelf life). It’s also one of the most protective with natural regenerative and emollient (skin softening) qualities.

This unique butter is non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t block your pores). But, it’s also a natural humectant - which means it attracts and retains the moisture in the air nearby by drawing water vapor to the surface of the skin. For the arid climate of the desert, this is exactly what we want!

Another big benefit for us is that it has a higher melting point than most other butters. This is important when you live in the desert with temperatures that regularly exceed 100 degrees. It is also fairly stable when exposed to direct sunlight and is able to withstand higher storage temperatures (making a longer-lasting soap for hot baths and showers!)

Kokum butter has long been revered for its mild scent and rich, silky qualities. It’s well-known around the world for its ability to soothe damaged, inflamed skin and it’s reported to help aging skin regenerate.

Garcinia indica tree

The Garcinia indica tree is of the mangosteen family, and does not require the use of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides to thrive, which makes it an environmentally-friendly resource. It grows well in just about any climate, requires little water, and grows large enough to provide lots of homes for animals.

Kokum butter is ideal for use during the hot summer months (or any time of year) to help moisturize skin. Its unique qualities help soften callouses, making it ideal for use on feet and elbows, and to help treat chapped lips or dry, cracked hands.

We obtain our butters from two trusted manufacturers - this allows us to ensure the best quality butter that is in it’s raw or refined form, and is derived from organic sources.


Note: Kokum butter may trigger nut allergies in severely sensitive people. We don’t recommend using any shea butter, kokum butter, or coconut oil products if you are susceptible to nut allergies.

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  • I just love the Kokomo butter so much! During this time of washing my hands so often they were so dry! But I used the lotion and not only did it make my hands feel luxurious, but it healed them! I love all your products and your company! Thanks for your kindness! Be healthy and calm!

    Lori Friedland

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