Lava Bead Necklaces for Essential Oils

Lava Bead Necklaces for Essential Oils

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Lava is a very grounding stone that helps protect its wearer, and now you can add the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy to these handmade pieces. They are lightweight, versatile and unique. 

The rustic leather is available in distressed black leather or a natural cocoa. We use the finest leather cord and each is fully adjustable to any size.  

These unique necklaces and chokers can be customized to your specifications, or choose from our current stock. 

About Lava Rock Beads

Lava rock is a stone of strength, protection and stability in times of change. Some believe that they can help disperse anger, provide guidance in decisions, and guide you in times of change.

Each lava bead and bracelet is completely unique - no two are exactly alike.

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About the Materials

Arizona is known for five things: cattle, citrus, climate, copper and cotton. We've incorporated a few of these elements into our jewelry. 

  • Turquoise - This precious stone holds a long history in the Southwest. Believed to bring strength to the wearer and help them overcome illness, turquoise has long been valued throughout the region. 
  • Copper - We use copper to represent Arizona, the "Copper State". Even today, there are many working copper mines in the state. 
  • Silver - In the 1800s, Navajo (Diné) artists began working silver after learning the art from Mexican silversmiths. The Zuni soon began trading their livestock for silver-smithing instruction; and by the late 1800s, Zuni smiths had taught the Hopi. 

About the Colors

White Represents peace, winter and calm Purity, light, sharing and mourning
Black Represents night, victory, a full life and a valiant death Victory, success, power, strength, life
Red Represents thunder and the sunset Faith, beauty, energy, blood, Courage
Green Represents nature and being one with the earth. It represents a healer and is a protective color Harmony, healing, nature, endurance, protection
Blue Represents water, which is the lifeblood of the Southwest. It is a giver of life, wisdom and intelligence Intuition, trust, wisdom, critically important
Purple Represents mysticism and things unknown. Purple is a sacred color, one used only in religious ceremonies due to its reverence.  Magic, mysticism, power, 


Represents the determination to fight to the death or do what is necessary to win.  Intellect, determination, stubborness


How to use lava beads with essential oils:

Since lava rock is porous, it is a natural way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day long. Gently place a drop of essential oil to one of the beads (you can use your finger or a Q-tip as well). Choose a single oil or create your favorite blend by applying more than one oil to a single bead or color coding your favorite oils with different colored beads. The beads will absorb the oils fairly quickly but may appear wet for a short time.